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The Shopping Mall Assessment and Response Training (SMART)

SMI - The Shopping Mall Assessment and Response Training (SMART)

Instructors for this course include two gang police officers of the year, as well as a former CIA agent trained in infrastructure protection. SMART is constructed to highlight how local street gangs infiltrate malls for the purposes of narcotics marketing and recruiting, and how such activities easily go undetected by mall security. Additionally, SMART instructors are experts in flash mob control and active shooter mitigation, ensuring the greatest safety for your patrons by offering your team the most sophisticated and targeted gang and violence training available for retail operators.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to detect the presence of street gangs in your mall, how to decipher graffiti, and how to document these encounters
  • How to distinguish a peaceful from a violent flash mob, and how to respond to both
  • How to prepare for an active shooter scenario
  • How effective your existing security system is, and what options exist for enhancing its effectiveness
  • How to develop a comprehensive safety procedure that integrates electronic detection and physical manpower to construct the most effective security for your size and budget
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SMI also offers training courses for executives and business travelers. Click to find out more about our Traveler Safety Courses including: Business Traveler Safety and Counter-Espionage Course, Kidnapping and Awareness Course, and Hostile Travel Course.

In addition, SMI provides Security Consulting, Security Management, and Intellectual Property Protection for executives, business owners, and Fortune 500 companies.

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