In Greek Mythology, Soteria was the Goddess of Intelligence and Safety…
today, a new “virtual” SOTERIA is protecting critical infrastructure and key assets...


The Security Operations Threat Emergency Risk Intelligence Analysis
(SOTERIA) System

SOTERIA Explained

SOTERIA is an innovative risk and vulnerability assessment software system for security and intelligence organizations, which uses an iOS and Android based mobile app for assessors (antiterrorism officers/security professionals), as well as incorporates a web-based program management platform for Chief Security Officers (CSOs) to monitor their organization’s critical assets and global facilities.

Join your security colleagues on Friday, November 8th at CARVERCON 2019 (in sunny Sarasota, FL) to see a live demo of SOTERIA!


Security vulnerability assessments can be tedious, time-consuming, non-standardized, subjective to the assessor’s experience level, and often only provide a snap-shot in time for the asset or facility being threatened.


In 2020, the SOTERIA mobile collection device and data management platform will finally resolve these decades-long vulnerability assessment problems.


Based upon the CIA’s CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology, SOTERIA provides both practical qualitative and quantitative results, allowing for greater accuracy and consistency across assets and facilities..

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