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Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA): One of the Last

May 21, 2017

Special Operations
In Joseph Conrad’s classic novel Heart of Darkness, the unexplored and unmapped jungles of the African Congo in the 1890s are referred to as “one of the last dark places of the earth.” Today, with international travel accessible to virtually anywhere, along with the advent of on-line satellite mapping programs, one would assume that no such uncharted areas remain on the planet. However, there does exist one last bastion of “no man’s land,” left virtually unexplored by modern civilizations. This forbidden land is known as the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, or FATA, and is a breeding ground for the Taliban and al-Qaeda to conduct terrorist activity. Click to learn more about Pakistan FATA.

Viktor Bout: The Rise and Fall of the “Merchant of Death”

March 26, 2017

Special Operations
The gray arms market consists of untrustworthy deals between governments, rebel groups, or brokers, sometimes supported by legal contracts, but often blurring the line between legal and illegal. The United Nations, as well as many independent state commissions, has attempted to investigate this shadow world of illegal arms distribution, which includes the infamous Viktor Bout and the network of dictators in need of his munitions. These countries and international bodies have placed embargoes and gathered public support to shut down this dangerous operation, but they have rarely gathered enough support or traction for meaningful legislation to lend teeth to enforce such sanctions. Click to learn more about Viktor Bout and special operations.

Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage Cases Targeting Americans are more Prevalent than Ever

March 16, 2017

Intellectual Property Protection
As today’s business environment has become globally interconnected, foreign intelligence activities have extended beyond traditional targets in the U.S. intelligence community and other national security structures. Hostile intelligence services, as well as “private collectors”, now target a wide variety of corporate executives, which has compounded the risk of foreign economic collection and industrial espionage like never before. Click to learn more about intellectual property protection. for your business.

IP Theft by the Numbers | Intellectual Property Protection

February 28, 2017

Intellectual Property Protection
One trillion dollars is a big number. One trillion dollars is a one, followed by 12 zeros. One trillion dollars would buy you over forty million new cars. One trillion dollars would buy you more than five and a half million American homes of median value. One trillion dollars is a year’s salary for 14.7 million teachers, the total salary of all congressmen and senators for the next ten thousand years, one thousand celebrity divorce settlements or a one year CD paying around fifteen and a half billion in interest.1 One trillion dollars is also around how much McAfee estimates the total global economic losses were in 2012 due to data theft and security breaches by organized crime, hackers and inside jobs.2 Intellectual property theft is not costing your company pennies on the dollar; it’s costing you millions. Click to learn more about intellectual property protection. for your business.

Vote on New Book Cover Clandestine Consultant

February 3, 2017

clandestine consultant
Vote now on your choice for the new book cover! The Clandestine Consultant: Kings, Shieks, Warlords, and Dictators. Click here to read more to read about top global security consultancy.

New Security Consulting Education Resources

January 31, 2017

security consulting education
Luke Bencie, Managing Director of SMI is pleased to announce new educational resources for current and aspiring Global Security Consultants! There are several resources customized for your budget and position in the industry. Click here to read more to read about security consultancy education resources.

Top Global Security Consultancy in 100 Words

January 23, 2017

top global security consultancy
Luke Gives his take on what makes a top Global Security Consultancy in 100 words! Click here to read more to read about top global security consultancy.

Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler | 2017 Washington DC Training

January 3, 2017

counter espionage training washington dc
Announcing course dates for Counter-Espionage Training Washington DC! The Counter-Espionage for Business Travelers Course is the solution for protecting your organization's secrets. If two or more people sign up from the same company, they will get a $100 discount off. If three or more people from the same company are signing up, please call for details. Additionally, the course will be limited to just 30 people, so sign up today! Click here to read more to read about counter espionage training Washington DC.

The Real-Life SPECTRE | The $500 Billion Economic Espionage Problem

December 27, 2016

economic espionage spectre
Ask most Americans what they know about the word “espionage” and they might answer something about the CIA battling the KGB during the Cold War, maybe a tuxedo-clad James Bond drinking martinis, or big brother spy satellites reading license plates from space. All kidding aside, most Americans are unaware of the serious problem which the FBI labels as the “second greatest threat (behind terrorism) to the US homeland.” So what is this menacing threat? I am, of course, speaking of economic espionage from hostile foreign entities - essentially the real-life SPECTRE! Click here to read more to read about how to protect your company from economic espionage.

Corporate Espionage: Modern Updates to an Ancient Tactic

December 19, 2016

corporate espionage
Spying has been called the world's second oldest profession (you can guess the first...) Since the dawn of civilized man only time itself has proven to be more valuable commodity than information. In the cut-throat world of business warfare this gathering of information because of a competitor comes in a variety of forms and take several names. Click here to read more to read about how to protect your company from corporate espionage.

Hotel Espionage Revealed: Museum on Corporate Espionage

December 13, 2016

corporate espionage
If you think about it, business travelers are very predictable. International, C-suite executives are even more predictable. Even the most populous cities in the world have limited hotels that executives would consider appropriate accommodations. The average business traveler might think that foreign intelligence or other agents wouldn't bother to track them. However, the task can be as simple as monitoring a few hotels. Click here to read more to read about how to protect your company from corporate espionage.

Top Security Tips on International Hotel Rooms: The Enemy’s Gateway to Economic and Industrial Espionage

December 11, 2016

business espionage
For most international business travelers, overseas hotel accommodations can conjure up an array of images. Depending on the region of the world they travel, frequent fliers know that lodging is never consistent. For example, Southeast Asian hotels deliver a personal attention to detail that can only be found in the Orient, while hotels in the Middle Eastern Gulf states compete against one another through stunning opulence to attract powerful sheiks and wealthy oil barons. Closer to home, Latin America and the Caribbean provide relaxing, tropical beach resorts, while Europe still offers old world charm in quaint surroundings. However, for the international business traveler, international hotel rooms are one of the most dangerous places for your intellectual property. Click here to read more to read about how to protect your company from business espionage.

CARVER Washington DC Training Courses Announced for 2017 in Tysons Corner, Virginia

November 25, 2016

CARVER Washington DC
Annoucing the 2017 training dates for CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment™ training course, offered by Security Management International, is an interactive three-day course on conducting facility threat and vulnerability assessments. CARVER Washington DC is a nationally recognized target analysis and vulnerability assessment methodology used extensively by the military, intelligence and law enforcement community and the Department of Homeland Security in its Automated Critical Asset Management System. Click here to read more and register CARVER Washington DC.

The Myth of Safety | The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Five Years On

November 21, 2016

emergency preparedness
The March 11th, 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (simply referred to in Japan as “3/11”) exposed vulnerabilities in Japan’s emergency preparedness and crisis response systems, which continue to linger five years after the horrific catastrophe. So what happened? Why did Japan – a country epitomized by its traditions of efficiency and quality assurance – fall victim to a lack of foresight and indecisiveness in the face of chaos? The answers are various and complex, but to those in the world of emergency preparedness, one phrase best summarizes the confusion… “The Myth of Safety.” Click here to read more about the emergency preparedness.

The Dangers of Casual Conversation: Targeting International Business Travelers through Elicitation

November 19, 2016

international travel dangers
How flirting with her could cost your business millions of dollars. “So, what do you do?” How often have you been asked this seemingly innocent question on an airplane, at a dinner party, or some other random location where strangers might engage in conversation? You’ve probably even asked it to someone, yourself. Believe it or not, these five words have been the catalyst, which have derailed million dollar research and development projects, provided an increase in market share to business competitors, and even been instrumental in the financial success or failure of hundreds of corporations. The reason the question “So, what do you do?” is so powerful, is that it opens up a Pandora’s Box for business executives (particularly during travel) to disclose information that is of some intrinsic value to the person asking. Click here to read more about the international travel dangers.

Security Award Nomination for Training Initiative | Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler

November 16, 2016

security award
We are excited to announce that Security Management International, LLC's Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler Course has been nominated for the 2016 Security and Fire Excellence Awards by IFSEC International and FIREX International. The course was nominated for Security Training Initiative of the Year 2016. SMI recognized the need for advanced training programs to prepare business professionals and corporations for travel. The United States of America encourages the development of innovative products and protects those technologies through intellectual protection. However, overseas information can be elicitated or stolen from electronics. Click here to read more about the Security Award.

Kidnapping Awareness | Why Less Bank Robberies is Dangerous

November 15, 2016

kidnapping awarenessCrime doesn’t pay. Not like it used to at least. In the last 25 years, bank robberies have fallen over sixty percent. Hollywood renditions like the move “Heat” have cemented the image of organized criminals planning multi-million dollar heists, but today, more than ever, nothing could be further from the truth. Bank robberies are crimes committed by the desperate, looking to score, on average, just $6,500. Unfortuntely, what that means is criminals are changing to more dangerous tactics like kidnapping and extortion. At SMI, we offer kidnapping prevention training courses for business travelers and professionals. Talk with us today about our kidnapping awareness and prevention training courses. Click here to read more about protecting yourself and your loved ones with kidnapping awareness.

CARVER Virginia | How To Protect Infrastructure

November 10, 2016

CARVER VirginiaThe energy sector is considered the most critical of critical infrastructure and is arguably the backbone of our modern society, due to critical dependencies and inter-dependencies with other utility sectors. In this article we discuss the use of CARVER target analysis in protecting power. Talk with us today about CARVER Virginia training courses.

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