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New book is coming soon from Luke Bencie!

The Clandestine Consultant: Kings, Shieks, Warlords, and Dictators

From the publisher:

"The world is a tumultuous place, filled with war, corruption, and an evil desire for politicians, terrorists, and other underworld figures to achieve or maintain power. In the middle of this chaos is a small cadre of international consultants, who profit by brokering illicit business deals, discrediting the competition, and making “headaches” go away. In return for their services, these consultants are compensated millions of dollars, as well as provided with the most seductive perks that any king, sheik, dictator and warlord can offer. The most successful of these consultants is a man whose real identity is neither known by his clients nor the international law enforcement community. That is until the day he finds himself double-crossed by a competitor, at which point he must cooperate with the US Intelligence Community to avoid spending the rest of his life in a dark hole."

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clandestine consultant

SOCE 2015

The State of Corporate Espionage

SMI - SOCE The State of Corporate Espionage
SMI - SOCE Challenge Coin

It was recently reported that the theft of US intellectual property costs American businesses $300 billion dollars each year. Despite this staggering figure, exact details of the problem remain clouded. As a result, Security Management International is conducting the second annual "State of Corporate Espionage 2015 (SOCE)" study.

This concise, anonymous research survey is aimed at security directors of both small businesses and large corporations. The focus of the survey questions relate to the who, what, where, when, why and how of economic and industrial espionage - better known as corporate espionage. Upon completion of the study, results will be provided in a free webinar and research paper, and will be available on the SMI website.
To participate, please click here or on our Challenge Coin:

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The SMI Research Department

Click here for The Report of the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property > Click here for The Report of the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property >


Global Security Insights

SMI - Global Security Insights

Global Security Insights is a quarterly publication that highlights specific security issues and regions of global concern, usually due to turmoil, economic crisis and/or political discord. The thought provoking articles are written by subject matter experts, who have spent years working and researching in their respective fields. The GSI content is meant to inform readers and stimulate discussion.
Here are Global Security Insights at no charge.

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Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler Book

An essential book for business travelers by Luke Bencie, Managing Director of SMI Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler

Some 35,000 business people travel across the globe carrying proprietary ideas and computer files. Looking to separate their secrets from them are foreign intelligence or economic competitors. In Luke Bencie's book learn to protect yourself and your company of economic espionage.

The book is available in bookstores and online.
Please visit to be redirected to the site.

"When I was the FBI's Associate Director of National Intelligence and Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division, I witnessed first-hand the significant threat posed by economic espionage. Unfortunately, that threat has only increased each year. If you want to protect your organization's intellectual property, you need to train your people in the principles of counter-espionage when they travel. Reading Among Enemies is a great start."

Michael J. Heimbach, VP of Global Security, ESPN

Training Courses for Business Travelers

SMI also offers training courses for executives and business travelers. Click to find out more about our Traveler Safety Courses including: Business Traveler Safety and Counter-Espionage CourseBusiness Traveler Safety and Counter-Espionage Course, Kidnapping and Awareness CourseKidnapping and Awareness Course, and Hostile Travel CourseHostile Travel Course.

In addition, SMI provides Security ConsultingSecurity Consulting, Security ManagementSecurity Management, and Intellectual Property ProtectionIntellectual Property Protection for executives, business owners, and Fortune 500 companies.

Global Security Consultancy

SMI - Global Security Consulting

“From my personal experience, being believable is a product of having lived the actual life you write about. That makes Luke Bencie an expert, because he has experienced, firsthand, the value of good security management practices, and he continues to provide critical guidance to international high-profile clients. What makes this one-of-a-kind book worth reading? Luke gives the nuts and bolts of setting up a security company and then supplies hardcore practical guidance about managing clients and serious security issues. He also personalizes his work, including often unflattering, difficult experiences while highlighting some of his savored moments in his Notes from the Field. And he couches everything in his down-to-earth sense of humor and realism. He helps you make certain you are meeting both your client’s needs and the challenges of the profession. His book can help you become successful as well as personally satisfied.”

—Martha D. Peterson, author of The Widow Spy: My CIA Journey from the Jungles of Laos to Prison in Moscow

Now available on Amazon, Luke Bencie's new book entitled, "Global Security Consulting: How to Build a Thriving International Practice"Now available on Amazon, Luke Bencie's new book entitled,

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