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The Dangers of Public Wifi

May 2017 Edition

Dangers of Public Wifi
In today’s busy world, convenience seems to outweigh consequence, especially with how people use their mobile devices. Using free public Wi-Fi networks, for example, comes with any number of serious security risks, yet surveys show that the overwhelming majority of Americans do it anyway. In a study by , 2 a whopping three-quarters of people admitted to connecting to their personal email while on public Wi-Fi.It isn’t hard to see that a few moments of online convenience are far outweighed by your money or financial information being stolen, or by suffering the embarrassment of your personal information being publicly released. According to a recent opinion poll, more people are leery of public Wi-Fi networks than of public toilet seats (a promising sign). Click to dowload our newsletter about the risk of public wifi to your business.

Economic Espionage: Why You Should Care

April 2017 Edition

Economic Espionage
‘The biggest wealth transfer in history’  Described in 2012 by NSA-head Keith Alexander as the “biggest wealth transfer in history”, the financial damages of economic espionage grow year after year. Our ability to prosecute has been limited; in fact, the first time a case was ever filled against a stateactor for theft of trade secrets was in 2014. The U.S. government alleged that five officers of China’s People Liberation Army (PLA) stole information from several U.S companies. Although it is most likely that the five PLA officers will never set foot in a U.S. court of law, it sent a powerful message to China and other countries involved in economic espionage against U.S. interests. Click to dowload our newsletter about the economic espionage threat to your business.

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