Our Team

PT Mikolashek

Board of Advisors

PT Mikolashek served in the U.S. Army for more than 35 years. He held the rank of Lieutenant General and was The Inspector General, U.S. Army.

He also served as the Commanding General, Third United States Army/Army Forces Central Command and as Coalition Land Forces Component Commander he commanded all ground forces in Afghanistan and the Middle East during Operation Enduring Freedom. Following his distinguished military career, General Mikolashek joined Raytheon Company, where he was responsible for business development and achieving international growth goals.

He also served as Chairman of the Board of Raytheon Canada Limited. Previous assignments at Raytheon include: vice president of International Business Development for Network Centric Systems, vice president of Raytheon International Washington Office and regional executive for the Americas; regional executive for Raytheon Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan within Raytheon International and as the Army Account executive, to which he was appointed in April 2005.

Bill Esposito

Board of Advisors

Bill Esposito was the former Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In this capacity, he ran the day-to-day operations of the FBI, with a special focus in the area of Organized Crime and White Collar Crime.

His success in investigations led him to management positions in the FBI, which included Special Agent in Charge of the San Diego Office and Assistant Director in charge of the Criminal Investigative Division. Mr. Esposito was the FBI’s representative on the President’s Commission on Integrity and Efficiency (PCIE) in Washington, D.C. and chaired the Integrity Committee of the PCIE.

He was named as one of the top five Senior Executives in the Federal Government in 1997. He was also the recipient of the FBI’s Medal of Valor which is the highest medal awarded in the FBI for bravery. After Mr. Esposito retired from the FBI, he held several senior private sector positions within the credit card industry including Director of Corporate Security, Director of Facilities, Director of Human Resources and Education (training), and Executive in charge of all Administrative Services.

Edward Leacock

Board of Advisors

Edward Leacock served in the U.S. Army for more than 41 years as an intelligence professional in the Active Duty, Army Reserve and National Guard components. He served both in the enlisted and officer ranks and retired as a Major General.

His final assignment was the Mobilization Assistant to the Director, Defense Intelligence Agency. He also served as the Deputy J2, U.S Africa Command; Deputy Commanding General, U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca, Arizona; Assistant Adjutant General for the Maryland Army National Guard and Senior Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Army National Guard.

Coinciding with his distinguished military career, General Leacock joined TASC, Inc. where he was responsible for business development and achieving growth goals associated with the Intelligence Community. He has his Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute, an Advance Master’s Certificate in Project Management from the George Washington University School of Business and an Information Technology Infrastructure Library v3 Foundation certification. Mr. Leacock earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from University of New York and a Master’s Degree in General Administration/Information Technology from University of Maryland.

Luke Bencie

Managing Director

Luke Bencie is the Managing Director for Security Management International, LLC.

In this capacity, Mr. Bencie has been a consultant to the US Department of State, US Department of Defense, Fortune 500 companies, as well as foreign governments. He specializes in conducting strategic and security management assessments, performing counterintelligence and due-diligence investigations, and also provides specialized intelligence advisory services. He is the author of "Among Enemies: Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler" and "Global Security Consulting: How to Build a Thriving International Practice."

Mr. Bencie has worked in over 100 countries and has trained thousands of domestic and international students from police, military, and intelligence services on topics such as economic and industrial espionage, border security, intellectual property protection, counterfeiting/piracy, and recognizing/discouraging terrorist travel movement. Prior to establishing SMI, Mr. Bencie was a Senior Security Consultant for Raytheon Company in the Intelligence and Information Systems Division, and assigned to the emerging markets of Brazil, India and Lebanon.

Mr. Bencie previously served on the US Department of State’s Foreign Emergency Support Team. In this capacity, he was responsible for responding to terrorist attacks carried out against US targets overseas. As a result, he performed numerous trips to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other "hot spots" throughout the world.

Mr. Bencie holds graduate degrees in “National Security Studies” from The George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs and The American Military University, as well as an MBA from the University of Sarasota. He received his BA from Michigan State University and completed further course work from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Training Academy, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.

John Monett


Jon N. Monett served as a senior executive with the US Government for almost three decades. In this capacity, he directed a worldwide network of facilities, engineers, and technical officers. Mr. Monett also negotiated with senior U.S. and foreign officials on matters related to the application of technology and management. He was the recipient of the numerous awards including the Intelligence Medal of Merit.

After his tenure with the USG, Mr. Monett became the Chief Executive Officer of Telemus Solutions. In that capacity, he founded and managed a firm which provided corporate and government clients consulting services in a variety of operational and industrial disciplines relating to the development and application of technology, including: strategy development, market expansion, technology assessment and program evaluation.

Following the sale of Telemus Solutions to Raytheon, Mr. Monett created “The Quality of Life Plus Program” which develops technologies to improve the quality of life for those wounded in the line of duty. Mr. Monett served as the technical and technology advisor for the movie "The Good Shepherd", from which he received many accolades from Director/Producer Robert De Niro, and he also made a cameo appearance in the movie. Mr. Monett earned a BS in Industrial Engineering (EE and Math Minors) from California Polytechnic State University and a Master’s Degree in International Transactions (MAIT) from George Mason University.

Curtis J. Powell

VP of Operations

Curt Powell began his career in national security as a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served in many demanding assignments, including on the White House Staff. He developed and implemented emergency action plans specifically designed to ensure the continuity of operations for the Executive Branch of the Federal Government and conducted security/response planning missions worldwide in support of Presidential visits.

Upon retiring from the Marine Corps, Powell joined KMPG LLP’s New York City practice specializing in IT system security, physical security and emergency management, consulting for Wall Street and many other Fortune 100 businesses. Powell served as a first responder on September 11, 2001 and led the restoration of a World Trade Center major brokerage firm in its aftermath.

After 9/11, Powell joined the Transportation Security Administration as the Director for Crisis Management in May 2002, where he was responsible for the management and direction of programs that maintained a continuous assessment of terrorist threats against the Nation’s domestic and international transportation systems. Powell’s duties included the preparation and coordination for the mitigation of terrorist threats, as well as national emergencies, with a focus on the development of precise rapid-response counter measures and recovery plans. On July 25, 2003, Curt Powell, officially stood up the Transportation Security Operations Center (TSOC) after devoting the previous 12 months to its concept, design and build out.

Upon leaving government service, Powell joined Raytheon as the worldwide Director of Transportation and Border Security, covering many critical and diverse areas such as multi-modal cargo security and tracking, critical facilities, aviation, rail, transit, and port security, critical airspace protection, and border security and surveillance. His expertise in integrating security technologies efficiently and effectively with existing systems/procedures throughout the globe made him an internationally recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME) on complex security problems.

Powell is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP by the Project Management Institute, Certified in Homeland Security (CHS) by the American College of Forensic Examiners International and a Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) by the Disaster Recovery Institute International. Mr. Powell is also CARVER and RAM Vulnerability Assessment Methodology certified and holds a current Top Secret security clearance.

Leo Lebaj

Director of Critical Infrastructure Protection

With over 40 years of government and commercial experience, Mr. Labaj is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, the Air National Guard and the Central Intelligence Agency. He has managed research and development programs and applied science projects for the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Intelligence Community, and federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

While at the CIA, Mr. Labaj developed and implemented the Defense Against Terrorism Survey, a vulnerability assessment methodology used to assess security at borders, high threat residences and facilities and over 100 international airports. Mr. Labaj also served on the Federal Aviation Administration's Blue Ribbon Panel on Airport Security and Vulnerability Assessment, and implemented and managed the FAA's National Safe Skies Team Security Screening Test Bed.

He has also served as a member of the Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) Access Working Group and participated in a number of professional and technical organizations, including the Defense Department’s Technical Support Working Group, the American Defense Preparedness Association, the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, and the Joint Service Small Arms Program.

Scott Brisner


Scott Brinser is an accounting professional, bringing more than 25 years of experience to clients who need outsourced accounting solutions. From part-time and interim CFO services to general accounting and bookkeeping; business owners rely on Scott to provide the top-level analysis and accounting services that allow them to concentrate on growing their businesses.

Scott graduated from Millersville University, acquiring a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. During his career, he has served in a wide variety of accounting capacities – from clerk to controller to CFO – in industries including technology, mid-sized government contractors, transportation logistics, retail, construction and real estate.

Growing up on a farm in central Pennsylvania, Scott milked cows and raised hogs, and eventually joined a custom grain-harvesting operation in the Midwest. As a farmer, he understood that each job, no matter how small, affected the overall success. This is what he believes shaped the down-to-earth focus and hands-on dedication he has today.

An award-winning high school track athlete, Scott found his true passion in his 20’s and 30’s playing two-on-two beach volleyball up and down the east coast, and occasionally out in parts of the Midwest, and even California. Always looking for a new challenge, he continues to channel his competitive drive into running his own successful outsourced accounting practice. Scott strives to be a true business partner to his clients and his passion for helping businesses succeed is a key driver to his own success.

Scott and his wife Denise live in Leesburg, Virginia with their twin sons. Scott enjoys being active and still plays volleyball (probably more than his wife thinks he should). He also likes swimming, golfing, bike riding and working out. He is a photography buff who enjoys chronicling his family’s life in pictures.

Mike Pastirik

Senior Associate for Global Intelligence Issues

Michael Pastirik has 40 years of experience in intelligence operations, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, law enforcement, paramilitary and tactical operations. After Army service as an airborne infantry officer and Military police officer in Europe and the United States, he joined the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Pastirik’s assignments for the Agency included covert operational and senior managerial tours in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. He retired from the CIA as a Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) officer and has served in numerous war zones, hardship posts, hostile fire areas and other high threat operational environments.

Mr. Pastirik is currently a Senior Advisor on Global Intelligence Issues with Security Management International. In this role, he continues his involvement with international affairs and security consultations. He travels internationally on various projects and most recently focused on security and stability programs in emerging nations.

Mr. Pastirik graduated from Cornell University, Eastern Kentucky University, the Army War College and the Army Command and Staff College. He holds two Masters of Science degrees and a Bachelor of Science degree. He has conducted intelligence operations in four languages on four continents.

Jack L. Ferraro

Senior Associate for Global Intelligence Issues

Jack L. Ferraro is a former US Department of State Senior Officer and Senior Advisor to the Commander of US Africa Command (AFRICOM). In this position he successfully advised and guided the four-star AFRICOM Commander during numerous security and diplomatic crises on the African continent. Additionally, he coordinated and deconflicted US military initiatives with country teams throughout the region.

He also assisted in the planning and execution of major US military training programs, providing emergency assistance to US personnel in danger, as well as the resolution of international legal issues. Throughout his career, Mr. Ferraro has successfully developed innovative approaches to coordinate with the Department of Defense on critical national security issues, to include counterterrorism, cyber security, and US military presence worldwide.

Hayley Van Loon

Director Global Intelligence

Ms. Van Loon is a former Australian Intelligence and Security Professional with vast international experience. Ms. Van Loon advised the Australian Government on matters relating to national security, specifically Counterterrorism, including ‘lone wolf’, online threats and radicalization, homegrown extremism and Sunni Islamic Extremist investigations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Ms. Van Loon has directed and supported operational and investigative teams in Counterterrorism efforts both in Australia and abroad. Throughout her career, she held responsibility for the management of complex national security investigations and conducted threat and risk assessments, liaison with foreign governments and coordinated security resources to protect Australian high office holders and visiting foreign dignitaries to ensure they safely carried out their duties in Australia.

Ms. Van Loon also served on two Australian State Joint Counter Terrorism Teams, worked with the community on Countering Violent Extremism and trained with various foreign and U.S. Departments in Counterterrorism. She brings a unique blend of investigative and operational experience and helps clients take an intelligence-led approach to ensure the security of their people and assets. Ms. Van Loon earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia and her Graduate qualifications in Investigations Management from the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security in Canberra, Australia. She is also a Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO).

Pablo Gonzalez

Crisis Management and CBRN Specialist

Mr. Gonzalez was selected by both Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories as their incumbent Subject Matter Expert for the "Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Services," "Firefighting," and the "Urban Search and Rescue" components of Homeland Security's National Regional Technology Initiative planning team. In December 2005, Oak Ridge National Laboratories honored Mr. Gonzalez by presenting him with an "Excellence in Work" award for his work on Homeland Security's National Regional Technology Initiative. In just the past few years, Mr. Gonzalez has authored over thirty different emergency response plans.

Prior to his tenure in the private sector, Mr. Gonzalez was the former Manager for the Public Health Preparedness Office for Miami-Dade County, Director of the South Florida Regional Public Health Bioterrorism Preparedness Office and the Regional Public Health Co-Chair for Region 7 of the Governor's State Wide Domestic Security Task Force. He was the prime coordinator for all Department of Public Health WMD response plans in South Florida, co-chaired the South Florida Hospital Disaster Committee and chaired the State's planning committee for the Governor's State Working Group on Terrorism.

Mr. Gonzalez was a member of the incident command team sent to manage and mitigate the first recorded anthrax attacks against the United States. He retired as a Battalion Chief Paramedic after 22 years of service with the Coral Gables Fire Department in Miami. During his career he was a post-Hurricane Andrew Command Post Commander and the Fire Rescue Incident Command Post Coordinator for the Summit of the Americas.

Constantine Sofologis

Senior Associate for Technical Security

Mr. Sofologis served over 20 years as a Physical Security Specialist for the United States Secret Service Technical Security Division (TSD). The scope of his work included the areas of physical security, executive protection, vulnerability assessment, hazardous devices mitigation and threat analysis.

As Branch Chief of the Chemical/Biological/Radiological Countermeasures Branch, he was responsible for the development of operational plans to identify CBRN hazards and implement the appropriate countermeasures for protected sites, both permanent and temporary. He also led more than 150 protective missions throughout the world for the President and Vice President of the United States, as well as visiting foreign Heads of State.

In 2015, Mr. Sofologis was designated as Supervisory Physical Security Specialist for the visit of Pope Francis and World Meeting of Families to Philadelphia. This was the largest National Special Security Event (NSSE) in the history of the USSS, at which Mr. Sofologis directed USSS personnel, in conjunction with multiple federal agencies, local & state law enforcement, in the physical protection designated venues and public safety. He also led the physical security teams at the 2011 Asian Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) in Waikiki, Hawaii, where he was tasked with coordinating physical security for the President of the United States, his delegation and twenty-four visiting heads of state.

Prior to joining the Secret Service, Mr. Sofologis was a Technologist for the United States Department of Energy and served on the Nuclear/Radiological Advisory Team and Nuclear Emergency Search Team.

Mr. Sofologis is a board certified as a Physical Security Professional (PSP) through the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International). He is also certified as a DHS Program Manager, VA-DCJS Personal Protection Specialist; Bomb Technician through the FBI Hazardous Devices School; HAZMAT technician; Interagency Training Center graduate in technical surveillance countermeasures and instructor for the CARVER Target Analysis Methodology course.

Pedro “Pete” Quinones-Tavarez

EOD and Counter Narcotics Expert

With over 40 years of EOD and security training and service, Mr. Quinones-Tavarez is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps (21 years) and the Central Intelligence Agency (23 years). He has served as an explosive ordnance instructor for the Naval EOD School (two tours), the TSA, DHS and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Recognized as a leading expert in the EOD field, Mr. Quinones-Tavarez was asked to design the explosives and demolition range for the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and has lectured extensively as part of the Foreign Military Assistance Program to both NATO and non-NATO personnel.

In addition to his civil service, Mr. Quinones-Tavarez has also spent the last several years as a Senior Security Specialist in the private sector. He has considerable experience in international travel, forging technical solutions to complex problems, using digital software programs and coordinating with foreign governments.

Dr. Nicholas Krohley

Special Advisor on Middle East Affairs

After working with members of SMI team for over a decade, Dr. Nicholas Krohley joins SMI as a Special Advisor on Middle East Affairs. Dr. Krohley has worked widely across the MENA region on behalf of clients in the private and public sectors and is an expert in the design and execution of human terrain operations. He has served with distinction as a Social Scientist in the US Army's Human Terrain System in Iraq.

Dr. Krohley has trained members of the British Military's Defence Cultural Specialist Unit and advised numerous multi-national audiences on the utility of the social sciences to Military and intelligence operations. Dr. Krohley is also a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Middle East & Mediterranean Studies at King's College of London and author of The Death of the Mehdi Army: Insurgency & Civil Society in Occupied Baghdad (Oxford University Press). He holds a Ph.D. and M.A. degrees from King's College in London and a B.A. from Yale University.

James Stuart

Director of European and Sub-Saharan Operations

James Stuart served as a British Army Officer for over 30 years in various theaters of conflict, including the Falkland Islands, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an expert in Threat Network Disruption and ran teams with the U.S. Military and in the UK. Most recently, he ran the UK’s Cross-Governmental Counter-Threat Network team, looking at disrupting threats upstream. He designed and transformed that team into the UK Full-Spectrum Effects Unit aimed at disrupting at disrupting the most complex threats to the UK and utilizing all arms of the Private and Public sector. James has worked all over the world, he is also the chairman of a cyber company looking to analyzing and protecting supply chains and mitigating vendor risk management. He brings with him a deep knowledge of complex threats (and how to disrupt them) influence operations anti-corruption initiatives and cybercrime.

Maxime Proud

Research Associate

Maxime Proud is a Research Associate at Security Management International. At SMI, Mr. Proud provides technical support for on the ground and daily operations, conducts investigations, prepares various reports and analyses. He holds a Bachelor's degree in International Trade and Foreign Languages (with Honors); and a Master's degree in International Security from the Institute for Advanced International Studies (HEI) in Canada. Mr. Proud was selected by his University in France to spend a year at the Beijing Foreign Studies University in China, where he studied Mandarin and Economy. Before working at SMI, Mr. Proud was Research Assistant for the Canadian Research Chair on Conflicts and Terrorism, where he worked on extremist movements all across Canada. During his time at the Research Chair, Maxime conducted highly sensitive interviews both in French and English for a report that will later be used by the government of Canada. Maxime is proficient in French, English, Mandarin and Spanish. Mr. Proud is also certified in CARVER methodology and has been published in the Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Defense International, as well as the Harvard Business Review.

Camille Mouillard

Research Associate

Camille Mouillard is a Research Associate at Security Management International. At SMI, Ms. Mouillard provides technical support for on the ground and daily operations, conducts investigations, prepares reports and various analyses. Camille holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Foreign Languages (with Honors); and a Master’s degree in International Security from the Institute for Advanced International Studies (HEI) in Canada (with Honors). Ms. Mouillard has also spent two years in Asia: one year in Taipei, Taiwan after she was selected by the Rotary International for their Youth Exchange Program; and one year at the Beijing Foreign Studies University in China, where she studied Mandarin and Economy. Ms. Mouillard has an extensive travel experience, and has lived in more than 5 countries on 4 continents. Apart from her native language French, Camille can also speak English and Mandarin; and understands Spanish. Ms. Mouillard obtained the CARVER certification while working at SMI and has been published in the Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Defense International, as well as the Harvard Business Review.