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Acutely attuned to the political atmosphere of this increasingly important nation, SMI’s Mexico Security Division utilizes investigations, due diligence, and traditional security consulting services to enable client success across Mexico and Central America.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is an emerging financial powerhouse, with a constantly changing political landscape. With this new climate comes a plethora of public opportunities within the energy sector, particularly in the areas of oil and natural gas. Security Management International is acutely attuned to the political atmosphere of this continuously shifting climate, and will utilize investigations, due diligence, and traditional security consulting services to enable success in new ventures in Mexico.

Why MSD?

In addition to its proven track record of traditional security consulting services throughout the region, Security Management International possesses the on-the-ground capabilities necessary to conduct thorough diagnostics of potential business ventures. Businesses seeking new outlets of growth are provided with specialized assistance through the Mexico Security Division, based in Mexico City. By utilizing our local partners, we can provide the highest level of service to increase chances of success for future investments by lowering physical and financial risks. These singularly capable resources allow for unique insight and navigation on the natural resources market.

Service Samples:
Strategic Management Consulting

Operating in an emerging market requires navigating a complicated web of laws, cultures, and networks. SMI offers nuanced business advice and established connections to help extend your company’s competitive edge. We also offer the basics you’ll need to hit the ground running: translation and interpretation services, travel facilitation, and logistical and technical support. Finally, Security Management International is able to evaluate and assess operations, supply chain processes, and personnel.

Political Risk Assessments and Country Reports

Doing business in a new country can be exciting, but it often leaves companies with many new unanswered questions. As part of our commitment to making our client’s headaches disappear, SMI is always available to provide in-depth, need-based analyses. From cultural country profiles to political risk reports, SMI has the answers to your most pressing concerns.

Due Diligence and Investigations

Opening an office, or signing a contract, on another continent often means putting trust (and sizeable financial investments) in the hands of new partners. Ensuring that your investments are in good hands is why SMI provides specialized due diligence and investigative services across the region. We can offer insight into local business practices, criminal and legal backgrounds, even analyses of how businesses or individuals are regarded in local social media.

Executive Protection and Event Security

If the safety of business executives, employees, and families is of the upmost priority to you or your firm, SMI’s suite of security services offer cost-competitive and industry-leading solutions. From secure transportation, armored cars, and private jet/helicopter assistance, to guards, guns and gates, SMI can meet any security need.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Just as important as protecting yourself and your people is protecting where they work and live. Using the world-standard in threat and vulnerability assessment methodologies (CARVER), SMI associates can help you understand where your infrastructure is most vulnerable, and how you can address the issues cost-effectively. We can even train you and your team to use the CARVER Methodology, so you can ensure your critical infrastructure remains secure no matter how your needs change.

Emergency Planning and Training

There is no substitute for preparation. To operate in environments that can quickly become hostile means having a plan in place and knowing that it works. SMI’s associates come from backgrounds in disaster planning and mitigation across public health, the Military, and the Intelligence Community. Together, we can help prepare your organization for anything. Visit our pages on Crisis Simulations, Hostile Travel, Emergency Planning, Combatting Terrorist Explosive Attacks, Kidnapping Awareness and more to see how.

Executive Training Courses

The key to a successful business is constantly challenging associates to think and learn in new ways. At SMI, we aim to facilitate your growth by offering an unparalleled range of Executive Training Courses. Among our most requested courses are those on organizational success and innovation, featuring instructors and material hued from across the Military and Intelligence Community. Our most popular course is Counter-Espionage for the Business Traveler, which inspired the book Among Enemies. The seminar prepares executives to ensure the safety of their personal and business intelligence when abroad.

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