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Maritime Security Anti-Piracy Operations

Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Operations

“70% of the world is covered by water, 80% of all people live near water, 90% of all trade travels by water.” Thus begins a 2012 commercial produced by the United States Navy, demonstrating how central our waterways remain in a modern world. Here at SMI, we recognize that being a truly global security provider means making Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Operations a central feature of any defense apparatus. That is why we offer an entire suite of boutique maritime security services, each tailored to your precise needs.

All SMI onboard agents are former British military with specialized training in Indian Ocean piracy. The techniques our operators utilize are uniquely designed to minimize the risks exposed to crew, while maximizing the impact with which agents may respond to threats. In addition to onsite enforcement, SMI can provide personalized Target Analyses of both ports and vessels, as well as coordinated Emergency Plans written specifically to address gaps in maritime security and highlight local strengths.

Our maritime security services include:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments of:

- Ports
- Cargo Vessels
- Personal Yachts
- Waterfront Properties

  • Anti-Piracy Agents:

-  Trained Agents- International
Waters Escorts
- EOD Divers
- Crisis Intervention Specialists

  • Analytics and Intelligence:

- Investigative Research Team
- Emergency Planning Specialists
- Crisis Simulation
- 24 Hour Emergency Monitoring

Security Management International’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Division has the capabilities and resources available to rapidly respond to your organizations requirements for comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments and emergency response planning. 

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