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Information Technology Assessments

Security Management International prides itself on providing our clients with experienced consultants who operate on the leading edge of cyber security.  With backgrounds from the National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the private defense sector, our team of IT professionals are subject matter experts in terms of performing cyber security assessments, computer forensics investigations, as well as other customized technical solutions.

At SMI, our IT capabilities include:

  • Systems Integration
  • Network Simulation
  • Technology and Product Due Diligence
  • Advanced Concept: Mesh Overlay Technologies
  • Customized Communications Solutions
  • System and Application IV&V
  • Advanced Concept: Wireless Networking
  • Customized Security and Tool Sets

No matter what your cyber security needs, SMI professionals stand ready to assist.

SMI also offers training courses for executives and business travelers. Click to find out more about our Traveler Safety Courses including: Business Traveler Safety and Counter-Espionage CourseBusiness Traveler Safety and Counter-Espionage Course, Kidnapping and Awareness CourseKidnapping and Awareness Course, and Hostile Travel CourseHostile Travel Course.

In addition, SMI provides Security ConsultingSecurity Consulting, Security ManagementSecurity Management, and Intellectual Property ProtectionIntellectual Property Protection for executives, business owners, and Fortune 500 companies.

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