Critical Infrastructure Protection

Prevent Infrastructure Threats

Today’s critical infrastructure, private businesses and government facilities are vulnerable to various levels of physical damage resulting from criminal attack, terrorism, and natural disasters.

Identifying and assessing these vulnerabilities provides organizations with the ability to mitigate these threats and allows them to best secure their property and protect personnel.

At Security Management International, our Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Division offers intelligent security solutions when performing threat and vulnerability assessments, as well as emergency response planning.

Our client deliverables are not “boilerplate” reports, nor do we use rehashed security templates for every client, regardless of their industry. Instead, we fully recognize that each client’s threats and weaknesses are unique, thus requiring a customized approach to providing recommendations.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Peter Drucker

Some of Our Customer Types

Our seasoned security professionals have a solid history in the fields of target analysis, vulnerability assessments, explosive blast effects, intelligence operations, emergency management and response planning. They have conducted threat assessments for national and international government and commercial customers, to include:

  • Embassies and Consulates

  • Domestic and International Government Buildings

  • Domestic and International Airports

  • Domestic and International Seaports

  • Border crossing and ports of entry

  • Telecommunications systems

  • Refineries

  • Natural gas systems

  • Water and power utilities

  • Nuclear facilities

  • Military installations

  • Sports Stadiums/Arenas

  • Fortune 500 businesses

  • Hotels/Resorts

  • Government Buildings

  • Private Residences

Our Certifications

In additional our associates are certified in a variety of vulnerability assessment methodologies, which are specifically utilized to meet and enhance the requirements of our clients. These certifications include:

Security Management International’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Division has the capabilities and resources available to rapidly respond to your organizations requirements for comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments and emergency response planning. SMI’s Critical Infrastructure Protection team has performed over hundreds of assessments on over three-dozen continents.

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