Crisis Evacuations

Emergency Evacuations/Relief Efforts/Search and Rescue Operations (By Sea, Air or Land)

Although the world has become a very dangerous place, international business is nonetheless essential. As such, your associates must still travel abroad… sometimes to some very inhospitable places. Medical emergencies, natural disasters and political instability - coupled with crime, terrorism, and threats from hostile foreign intelligence services - may require an immediate evacuation from an unfavorable part of the globe. Having access to the necessary resources (such as foreign registered aviation assets, marine assets, security shepherds, medical responders, and strong political contacts) are vital components to any organization’s emergency response and business continuity planning process.

Failure to prepare means preparing to fail.

Winston Churchill

We offer Evacuation, Relief, & Rescue Options

At SMI, we recognize that your business operations cannot be slowed down because of geopolitical forces. For this reason, we proudly offer the following three emergency preparedness and crisis response services for our clients:

Our Aviation Assets

The below map highlights those countries where SMI currently has aviation assets and emergency response personnel staged across the globe:

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