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Combating Terrorist Explosive Attacks

SMI - Combating Terrorist Explosive Attacks

“Since the modern era of terrorism began, the use of explosives has been the terrorists’ weapon of choice in repeated attempts to bring about political and social change to a country or region… Explosives can inflict damages upon both humans and infrastructure with devastating effects. In addition, the psychological impact from explosives often strikes fear into civilian populations, while at the same time delivers awe-inspiring displays when used against one’s own enemies.” - Leo Labaj, Retired CIA EOD Tech

Security Management International has teamed with BakerRisk Engineering to offer the “Combating Terrorist Explosive Attacks” training course

Taught by an EOD-trained professional, who has spent his career investigating terrorist attacks for the Central Intelligence Agency, the course teaches students the essentials of the terrorist modus operandi when it comes to the use of explosive devices… whether they be vehicle born, body worn, or stand-off IEDs.

In addition, BakerRisk engineers are internationally recognized experts on how the explosive blast wave phenomenon can weaken the integrity of various levels of building materials.

In this two-day training seminar and half-day field practicum, students will become familiar with:

  • The history and motivations of terrorist explosive threats
  • How terrorists conceal devices, and how explosions can impact a range of infrastructure
  • How to mitigate the threats when critical infrastructure is exposed
  • How to conduct threat and vulnerability assessments
  • How to take this knowledge and convert it into meaningful defensive
    measures to bring about change

With decades worth of experience from the engineering, demolition, EOD and post-blast investigation fields, the “Combating Terrorist Explosive Attacks” course provides one of a kind instruction.

Whether you work in security, construction, government, or only have a limited knowledge of the subject, let us help you engineer a safer world.

Course Description / Scope of Work:

The Combating Terrorist Explosive Attacks Course is designed to provide the attendee with information necessary to protect critical infrastructure. Attendees in this 2 1/2-day course, which is based on a threat overview, threat and vulnerability assessment, security system effectiveness and engineering concepts, will learn, practice, and integrate skills used in the analysis and examination of the interrelationships between assets, threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures of a specified facility to an explosive attack. The course is designed to aid the attendee in identifying assets most attractive to attack by an adversary based upon several key factors identified during the vulnerability assessment and develop countermeasures and security systems to mitigate the attack. An exercise will be conducted at a selected facility in the northern Virginia area

A laptop computer equipped with Microsoft Power Point, Word, and Excel is a prerequisite for this training. All training materials are provided on a CD to include all slides, spreadsheets, Power Point templates and reference material. A digital camera or smart phone w/camera is also of value when conducting the live field exercise.

Course/Training Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the terrorist´s use of a variety of improvised explosive device (IED) configurations and attack operations
  • Understand the characteristics and phenomena of various explosive devices and how a structure responds to blast loads
  • Understand and develop a Threat Assessment to define the IED spectrum of threats to various infrastructures
  • Understand and employ the principles of the Carver Vulnerability Assessment Methodology to define the likelihood of an attack of an improvised explosive device against various infrastructure
  • Understand blast mitigation techniques and how they are employed to protect critical infrastructure
  • Formulate and prioritize Risk Reduction Recommendations
  • Develop a security plan and blast mitigation report.

Course Agenda

  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
8:00 AM   Course Introduction   Target Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment (TAVA) Practical Field Excercise    
9:00 AM Terrorist Bombs &
Bombing Operations
10:00 AM Vulnerability Assessment
(VA) Process  
Blast Wave Phenomena
11:00 AM
12:00 PM 12:00pm Lunch 12:00pm Lunch 12:00pm Lunch
1:00 PM Threat Assessments Security System Effectiveness (SSE)   Course Closing
2:00 PM  
3:00 PM Infrastructure Response
to Blast Loads
Blast Mitigation  
4:00 PM

Combating Terrorist Explosive Attacks Engineer a Safer World

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