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SMI - Client Testimonials
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Bankers Hotline

"Luke Bencie is a dynamic, educational and speaker, who had the audience on the edge of their seats. He received the highest speaker ratings of our two day workshop, and virtually every evaluation urged us to have him back next year."

- P. Kevin Smith, Editor, Bankers Hotline

Association of Former Intelligence Officers

"Luke Bencie has no illusions of the complex dangers facing businesses today. He is not a theorist, or armchair consultant, or collector of untested knowledge on safe business travel, high net worth executive safety, counter-kidnapping, cyberthreats, and risk-evasion, to name a few. He is a skilled, always current practitioner, who zeros in on precisely what works, globally, knowing which tools are the right ones, where and why, employing unexpected new techniques, to protect, assist, and instruct his many clients in streetwise security procedures for theirs and their companies' safety and survival.”

- Elizabeth Bancroft, Executive Director, Association of Former Intelligence Officers

Collis & Associates, LLC.

"Mr. Luke Bencie and the folks at SMI are true security professionals whose expertise in the security consulting and intelligence advisory as well as executive protection is much sought after internationally. Collis & Associates has used their services in Brazil and would recommend them without hesitation. SMI training courses are first rate and taught by consummate professionals. As president and founder of Collis & Associates we are honored to be associated with Luke and SMI.”

- Paul R. Collis, CEO, Collis & Associates, LLC.

Blackheart International, Inc.

"Luke Bencie and the SMI team are quality professionals who have been 'there and done that' in the arena of commercial espionage. They know how to effectively assess, prevent and counter espionage that targets private sector businesses, their infrastructure and their employees. Real-world experience teaches the most valuable lessons, and the SMI team has that practical experience in spades, investing considerable travel time and man-hours looking for ways to stay ahead of government and commercial enemies. With the broad-reaching and complex nature of espionage tactics being employed today, it takes seasoned subject-matter experts like the SMI crew for businesses to ensure global security of its personnel, infrastructure and intellectual property. In this regard, SMI’s experience, ongoing training, and professionalism guarantee that the company’s clients stay ahead of the curve.”

- Erik Lawrence, CEO, Blackheart International, Inc.

Rohde & Schwarz Federal Systems, Inc.

"The value of a consultancy to me is the quality of their people and the fit to my application. SMI provided the right consultant with a background perfectly aligned to
our needs. Their work will pay dividends far into the future.”

- Marty Mulligan, President and CEO, Rohde & Schwarz Federal Systems, Inc.

Central Asset Management, Inc.

"Security Management International (SMI) is the international security company who establishes legendary achievement standards for Counterterrorism. SMI’s unique and proprietary training with Table-Top simulations and bomb prevention courses (CARVER) have facilitated private-public collaboration of high level leadership in Atlanta to secure critical infrastructures such as the Hartsfield-Jackson International, the world’s busiest airport of up to 100 million passengers, customers and citizens every year. As such, SMI has contributed to helping secure an environment to increase the commerce and revenue of Atlanta’s economy. All private and public sector organizations who are interested in Counterterrorism should talk to SMI."

- Robert W. Bradshaw, CEO, Central Asset Management, Inc.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"As part of the National Security Directorate, I was proud to have stood along side of SMI's Leo Labaj and Pablo Gonzalez and would highly recommend them for any future projects that require an expert knowledge of threat/vulnerability assessments and emergency response planning. Their personal commitment to this county’s security is evident and I consider myself fortunate to have had worked with them. Security professionals do not come any better than these men!"

- Dave Lannom, Jr. National Security Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

IIF Global Events Manager

"For the past several years our organization, The Institute of International Finance (IIF), has retained the consulting services of Security Management International (SMI). Their work in providing our representatives with a secure environment to host our large (300-500 person) domestic and international conferences has been nothing short of exemplary. No matter which city in the world, SMI has never disappointed in providing advanced threat assessments and thorough follow-up security/response plans. Additionally, their impressive rolodex of international law enforcement and diplomatic contacts always put our minds at ease and their professionalism continually met the high standards of our distinguished members.

It is with great confidence that I would recommend the services of Security Management International for your organization."

- Rigoberto De Castro, IIF Global Events Manager

Wyser-Pratte Management Co.

"Luke Bencie and his team at SMI are consummate professionals in the security advisory trade. Their experience in conducting security in over 100 countries is widely recognized in the USA and abroad. SMI is the businessman's ever ready and indispensable companion around the world."

- Guy Wyster-Pratte, President, Wyser-Pratte Management Co.

Monett Professional Services

“For the past several years our organization has called upon the experts from Security Management International (SMI) to conduct vulnerability assessments of the private residences, corporate offices and related facilities of our high net worth clientele. These assessments propose measures for reducing risks and correcting deficiencies, recommending the installation of security related equipment, as well as the development and implementation of emergency policies and procedures.

Having performed services for us on several continents, the consultants from SMI are highly-qualified, genuine professionals. Their “real-world” experience and respect for discretion separate them from other firms in the industry. We have been very happy with our dealings with SMI and strongly recommend them for future consideration.”

- Jon Monett, President, Monett Professional Services

Secure Source International LLC

“I cannot recommend Luke Bencie and the SMI team strongly enough. On numerous occasions they have provided Secure Source International with services and consultation on a variety of high-risk, critical issues. Luke and his organization provide results and represent the utmost in professionalism, integrity, and responsiveness.”

- David W. Nicastro CPP, CFE, President, Secure Source International LLC

DC Police Office and Naval Intelligence Specialist

"During my time as a DHS Counterterrorism Planning Specialist, we called on the services of SMI to train our local first responders. Their subject matter experts were unmatched in terms of experience, on-the-ground knowledge of the issues, and practical advice. I would highly recommend SMI for any public or private organization's security consulting or training needs."

- Robert Brzenchek, Current Emergency Management Regional Coordinator ARNG-ODP Contractor, former DC Police Office and Naval Intelligence Specialist

Javelin Technologies

"Having worked in the counterterrorism and crisis management field in the military, DHS and civil sector, I do not pass out endorsements lightly. There are many firms that claim expertise and clarity of purpose, but only one really “packs the gear” and that is SMI. Mr. Bencie has assembled a team of highly qualified, deeply experienced and no-nonsense experts that instill complete trust and confidence in their recommendations and solutions. That said, the SMI team also has the proper tact and diplomacy to advise very senior and influential clients in such a way that the solution is seen as a joint one – SMI and the client working closely together as partnership for protection. I am continually impressed by SMI and will consider no others for my security needs around the globe.”

- Curt Powell, President, Javelin Technologies

LogSec SAL

"Those of us who work in the Middle East and call it home, know that it takes deep engagement and the investment of time to be effective in this most complicated of security environments. There are few who we deem competent, and even fewer who we trust. Luke Bencie and those of his colleagues he puts forward, are part of that small cadre'. "

- Reed Clark, President, LogSec SAL, Beirut. Former Naval Officer,
17-years on-site learning the Middle East.

Mercury Aircraft Sales LLC.

"SMI’s reputation speaks for itself in the level of success gained by quality customer service, an attribute I think is essential in this business. I will recommend SMI to my clients in order to ensure their needs are met during times of need.”

- Mike Shafer, President, Mercury Aircraft Sales LLC.

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