Case Study

SMI Case Study

In 2013, SMI was approached by a group of American investors who were looking to acquire and develop real estate in a depressed European country. The investors were required by the depressed country’s legal system to have a local national as the majority shareholder in any business transaction. As a result, the partners established a joint venture with a local national.

Despite the fact that millions of US dollars had been transferred that morning, SMI was called in to perform a last minute background check on the local partner and to conduct a due-diligence assessment of his corporation. Within less than 24 hours, the SMI research team was able to determine – through the use of open-source research, proprietary databases, and on-the-ground intelligence – that the partner was a fraud and that his company was merely a front. SMI immediately reported the information to the client, who was able to cancel payment on the transaction and recover their initial investment.

Security Consulting Case Study

Large international banking institution expanded operations into a hostile region of the world.

Required assistance in ensuring that the environment was suitable for successful business operations and company personnel/infrastructure safety.

Looked to SMI to provide a full-scope security assessment and operations planning. SMI responded with the following:

  • Performed on-the-ground vulnerability assessments of company critical infrastructure and employee housing
  • Utilized personal liaison contacts with local police and military, as well as US Embassy, to provide logistical support during VIP visits
  • Researched criminal and terrorism trends through open-source reporting
  • Provided information on “safe zones” and areas to avoid, as well as qualitative threat assessment reporting
  • Interviewed prospective local private security firms to provide executive protection for employees, such as armored vehicles, local guard force and electronic surveillance systems
  • Trained company personnel prior to leaving for location on surveillance detection and personal security techniques
  • Accompanied executives during initial entry into country to provide protection, guidance and support
  • Wrote emergency response plans and trained employees on their use

Upon successful entry into the country, the banking institution continues to benefit from an improved security posture and relatively safe employee living/working environment. The institution retains the services of SMI, which provides periodic security reviews and updated employee training.

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