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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading provider of security, intelligence and technical services which enable our customers to maintain the highest levels of protection, discretion and competitive advantage wherever they may operate.

I’ve seen extraordinary competence in the SMI staff… that has a lot to do with the caliber of people that SMI gathers together.

Richard Holm, Legendary CIA Officer

An Experienced Team Matters

At SMI, our team of professionals has worked together for several years – previously responding on behalf of the US Government to terrorist attacks both domestically and abroad, including such places as Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, the continent of Africa, and numerous other “hot spots” across the globe. Our people come from the intelligence community (IC), Military Special Operations, law enforcement (FBI, US Secret Service and SWAT), emergency management and academia.

PT Mikolashek

Board of Advisors

Bill Esposito

Board of Advisors

Edward Leacock

Board of Advisors

Luke Bencie

Managing Director

John Monett


Curtis J. Powell

VP of Operations

Leo Lebaj

Director of Critical Infrastructure Protection

Scott Brinser


Mike Pastirik

Senior Associate for Global Intelligence Issues

Jack L. Ferraro

Senior Associate for Global Intelligence Issues

Hayley Van Loon

Director Global Intelligence

Pablo Gonzalez

Crisis Management and CBRN Specialist

Constantine Sofologis

Senior Associate for Technical Security

Pedro Quinones

EOD and Counter Narcotics Expert

Dr. Nicholas Krohley

Special Advisor on Middle East Affairs

Steve Filyo

Director of European and Sub-Saharan Operations

Maxime Proud

Research Associate

Camille Mouillard

Research Associate

Odair dos Reis Silva

Director of Security for SMI's Brazil Security Division (BSD)

Security Consulting in 100 Words

  • Establishing a brand where clients ask for you by name when their security situation requires immediate – and often discrete - solutions. Building a global reputation that has been forged throughout the years by consistently delivering results, and displaying unmatched dependability and integrity – with no excuses. Rather than simply solving problems, a world-class security consultant should improve their clients’ overall condition and must be viewed as a trusted advisor, who has their clients’ best interests in mind, rather than being just another contractor. He/she must intimately follow, and operate within, the global security environment.
    Luke Bencie

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